Blog Updates

As you might have noticed, I added some new features.

I’ve been playing around with some plugins.

There’s now a Twitter widget, a simple calendar widget (with links on dates where I posted something), and ‘recent comments’ (not that there are any comments, but I’ve added it).

I had to do some small modifications in my theme, as it wasn’t supporting dynamic widgets, but here it is. Seems to be working fine!

I’ve also started using Twitter, something else (similar to this blog) I was thinking to use for quite a while. To be do, or not to be do.

When browsing the net, I saw this drawing, which made me laugh:

So, who else Twitters? Tell me 🙂

Web2/Twitter saves plants? Indeed.. How handy..! 😉

Enough for my pointless post! Over & Out.

Errors Software Windows

Ventrilo 2.1, Vista, and Surround 5.1

Helene’s new Vista pc seemed to be working fine, except for Ventrilo 2.1 (the free and, well, illegal version).

It managed to connect, but no sound was coming out of it. Not when someone was talking, and not when there was a status message (like a join/connect/…).

I tried every out- and input device in “Setup”. I deleted the config, reinstalled, … Nothing seemed to work. I even checked if Vista wasn’t muting it, and it wasn’t. 😉

Yet, when plugging in her (USB) headset, it worked fine… So it had to be a Vista/sound config problem.

My Vista, at home, and the one om my Macbook could run Vent just fine…?!

That’s when I went to her sound settings (config panel -> sound). Selected the speakers, and clicked on Configure.

They were set to 5.1 Surround, which is what she’s using.

I tried to use some other audio option, like stereo (or quadrophonic), and restarted Vent… And guess what! Yep, it worked.

Vista sound settings

So I assume Ventrilo 2.1 does not have surround/5.1 (and greater) support.

Some ugly workaround, to change that each time, but at least it works now.


Avenged Sevenfold – A Little Piece Of Heaven

Song of the week. 🙂



I quote my Hypermedia teacher from school:

“You add <?xml:stylesheet href=”blabla.css” type=”text/css”?> to blabla.xml. You will notice that, once again, this will not work in Firefox for some weird reason. I suggest using Internet Explorer for this. Nevertheless, there’s a workaround for Firefox, using xmlstylesheet for you Firefox fans…”

Well well, let’s all blame Firefox (well, Gecko, to be precise) for not parsing this correctly! Especialy when xml-stylesheet *is* the only valid option set by W3C

Misc Networking

Fon’s hangin’

Yes yes, it has received a fixed place in our family.

Fon hangin’Fon hanging’Fon hangin’

All I need now are a few people to come by and test it; I wonder what the range is like.

Fon frontpage

The only thing I don’t really like is the “Watch our ad and get 15 mins free inet (daily)”. Ad? Watch? Oh come on… Where is this going?!